Friday, June 17, 2016


We moved 6.16.16! It was glorious, hot, messy, dusty, chaotic, exhausting...but glorious. Moving truck from the apartment, contents from our pod, garage and storage throughout the property all released on 7413. WE moved into a half finished house, half the toilets, no cooking range, no handles on our cabinets, half the door knobs and a slew of workman. Total slew. In and out of the house. Funny how they all show up when you move in. The kids were so excited to have their own rooms and bathrooms. And for handling the 3 moves in 6 months like the they did, they deserve it. 

We did it!!

Night one...wander how we lived in such chaos. 

Contents of our pod in dining room. 

Moving truck in the front drive. Pantry door on the front patio.

When your front yard looks like a dump

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