Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Steamboat in June

We had our first annual Quijano kids trip to Steamboat in June. It was the first time to take a trip as adults without mom and dad. Its been hard to coral everyone especially with the international traveling that happens with two of them. Steamboat was a fun place and special to us because we had a home there at one time. It where most of us learned to ski. It was a much needed time to catch up and for the Medley crew, a break from chaos of Cholla, one week before move in. We enjoyed time downtown, visiting the Botanical Garden, hike to Fish Creek Falls, dinners in, Cranium where the "+1's" took the crown, cousin time and back porch sittin and vino sippin.

When the hike to Fish Creek Falls was too much for the little 3 year old legs, we let the the little guy hang with them to the top. If we're being honest, I'm not much of a hiker so he would have out climbed his mama. 

Liz, Tim, Kanan & Kanoa, Andrew, Davis, Grace & Marissa, Jeff & Noelani, Allyson, Vica and Dan
Original Quijano Crew

Noelani, Davis with Kanoa, Grace
Tante brought a godzilla piƱata to our mountain party. They took it for rides in the house elevator. 
Sometimes, we'd just send him up by himself and the kids would run to meet him on whatever floor. 

And a random stick he found while hiking. 

Also, the moment we started to see our deposit fly out the window. 

Grace was not amused by the godzilla moving around and flying from the 2nd floor. 

But all was happy when the candy fell from the sky like mana from heaven. 

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