Tuesday, May 31, 2016

May Days

Trampoline playdates followed by pancakes for lunch. 
Our first pedicures together!
Her first pedi while the boys traveled. Purple with white polka dots. 
Visiting the Mooneys and their neighbor, Romeo the pony.
Little gifts from the Hayes' for Davis keeping Baby Hayes a secret for ONE month from Andrew. When it was time to share, Davis announced at dinner that "they're having a baby". Andrew mistook this for my being pregnant and turned to look at me with a look I will never forget.

Lots of family time in our little apartment. 
So we never forget the gigantic sewer roaches that we shared our apartment with.  Not sure who was worse, the family of 6 above us or the sewer roaches. And that time I almost went to buy a gun so I could kill this roach. In my toothbrush holder!!
Wrapping presents for mom and dad with bills taped to them is becoming a regular thing. 
In-N-Out picnic in the apartment on a Friday night to watch Wall-E. 
Don't worry Medleys, I'm teaching both sides of the river. 
"My Sister Gracie". I'm buying this book for anyone who names their girl Gracie. 
Preschool Graduate
Passing the preschool baton to his sis.
Preschool gang.
Davis, Logan, Mason, Brooks and Jake.
Sunny naps at the Hayes'
Borrowing the Hayes' Pool fora little fun in the sun. 
And their first McDonald's experience! No joke. 
And sis with her favorite food, grilled cheese. 
Kenny Chesney with the Barnes. 
And the last nap in her crib. Cue the tears. And much credit to her for being able to sleep with all that sunlight in the apartment.

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