Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Happy Birthday Davis!

A last minute birthday celebration for Davis' 6th led us to the splash pad and to Grimaldi's at Scottsdale Quarter on a Tuesday, his actual birthday.  Just a handful of friends and siblings joined us. They splashed around and shot water guns for a short time. I can honestly say the weather was a bit chilly yet for these desert kids. They dried off and walked to the restaurant for pizza and cupcakes. Davis enjoyed having his time with friends, most of which we'll be seeing less of as they all will be attending different schools or kindergarten. 

Connor and Davis
Brooks and Mason. Brooks is moving to Belize!
Davis and Mason
Connor, Kathryn, Brooks, Jake, Mason, Logan, Forrest, Davis and Brady
Best Buds.

Oh my sweet beautiful boy. 

Medleys and Mooney

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