Thursday, May 19, 2016

Davis and Dad visit the Big Apple

Davis and Andrew joined the rest of the Medley Family in New York for the Sequoia Meeting. It was a little pre-6th birthday celebration too. Tim recently was asked to to join their board, a big honor. Davis enjoyed sightseeing, Times Square, harbor tour, Bubble show, WTC Memorial and an afternoon with Grandmother while the others attended a meeting. He was quiet spoiled with all the activity and attention. It was quite a memorable trip for him.

Entry by Grandmother:
I had promised Davis a trip to the Lego store for his birthday and that was all he had on his mind.  The meeting was across the street from Central Park so Davis and I walked across the street and first off walked through the Apple display then to Central Park.  I decided that the best plan was to rent a little carriage with a bicycle pedaler so that Davis could have an overview of the park and then the young man would pedal us down to the Lego Store.  Needless to say Central Park was second to the idea of visiting the Lego Store.

Davis could have stayed all day at the Lego Store with all of their wonderful displays - while shopping for his birthday present.  

After a very full day and an evening with the family, we returned to the hotel with cupcakes and as Tim and I were about to walk into our hotel room, Davis said, "Aren't you coming to the party!!"  We smiled and said "Of course" and headed to his room to sing happy birthday and eat cup cakes!!

The next day, William had bought tickets to take Davis to a bubble show.  Not sure what that was all about, but the two of them did have that experience! 

Other photos are on the ferry going to Staten Island and at Grand Central Station.  Kate took the one of Davis in the blue chair - we stopped by a hotel near the Staten Island ferry to visit with some of Andrew's friends and this was in the lobby.

It was a great trip - hope that Davis remembers a little of it over and beyond the Lego Store!!

With love,

Time Square 
Ferry to see the Statue of Liberty
Ad day with Grandmother with a special trip to the Lego Store to pick out a birthday happy. 
And  pic with the creepy Elmo in Time Square for his sis back home. 

Little birthday celebration at sushi. 

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