Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Cholla in Spring

Lots of progress at cholla and adventures with the children into the construction zone. Lots of  blooms in the yard that we'll enjoy for one last time before removing all things with thorns.

Gracie girl drawing on her bathroom wall.
Back patio getting ready for pavers
Backyard is looking like a jungle.
Weeds as tall as she.
So we'll always remember that agave azul gigante was honestly bigger than Davis.
Our neighbors are not loving us right now.

Brick capping the front pillars
We have a front walk
And more blooms in the backyard
Amazing blooms in our front corner drew a crowd in our neighborhood. This plant was relocated to a neighbors yard for safe keeping.

And more big changes when we decided to center the front door to the foyer.

View from office through Davis' bathroom and into his bedroom.

Our super secure front door situation and brick steppers that we eventually would remove.
And our front door installed and centered. 

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