Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Christmas in New Orleans

After Christmas morning with Mimi and Pops, we packed our bags and headed to meet theMedleys  in New Orleans.  We enjoyed 4 days of fun with some atypical 75 degree and humid weather. Nancy and Sara also joined in the visit. We had the usual long lunch at Galatoires, lunch date for Andrew and I, streetcar rides, Aubobon park, Saints game, farmer's market, eating and visiting with family.  We celebrated 3 birthdays, Gran's, Andrew's and Kate's beau Will. We took a special pic on Gran's bench in the park, a gift for his 70th birthday. It was a quick trip but we did squeeze in a visit with Laurel and Philips. We had a nice dinner with them and made a short stop to see the Ole Miss rebels suite, in town for the Sugar Bowl. We brought Davis a hat home from Coach Freeze. This family makes Davis and Grace feel so loved, lots of love, attention and one on one time go a long way.

Third year flying on Christmas Day for this crew.

Curiosity on the streetcar.
Park date with Grandmother and Auntie Kate.

Auntie Kate reading the Star Wars book with cousin Sarah too.
Davis' first Saints game. 
Time on the floor with Grandmother is treasured.

Waving to the streetcar as it rounds Lee Circle.

Medley men = Chex Mix in a cup, cell phone and legos. 

Streetcar delays are troubling.
Walking to Galatoires

She insisted on holding on. 

You get a dum dum, or 2 or 3, when you make it through a 3 hour lunch.

Celebrating dad's 36th. 

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