Friday, January 1, 2016

Christmas at Home 2015

With an already busy December, we were adding packing and prepping for our move from Fledgling and thus our last Christmas in this home.  Mimi and Pops surprised us by scheduling a last minute visit for Christmas. They arrived for a few days of Christmas celebration, we baked cookies and visited with friends, including the Hayes Family for Christmas eve. They were there for Christmas morning. They arrived early after leaving the hotel Christmas AM not wanting to miss the kids opening presents and were surprised to find the kids sleeping in a bit, past 7 that is. We had a wonderful morning with lots of excitement from the kids and breakfast before packing up for our 3PM flight to New Orleans to see the Medley Family. I'm very grateful for their efforts to be with us for Christmas, with the recent stresses of leaving Fledgling and renovating our new Cholla home, I'm not sure if would have felt as joyous if they had not been with us.

Those pink bunny slippers are reminiscent of The Christmas Story 

Stocking stuffers

Elsa castle from Davis 

Play food from Mimi and Pops

Smart Watch from Santa
Davis' face!

Davis gifting Grace her Elsa frozen castle

Grace gifting Davis his Star Wars Pop up book. She did divulge the gift 5 times before Christmas morning. 

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