Sunday, January 31, 2016

A busy January

We returned from our Christmas in New Orleans to a very busy New Year. We finished packing up Fledgling Drive while managing all the construction at Cholla. It was a hard move physically and emotionally. Our first home, where we brought our girl home and shared lots of treasured times together. We know Cholla will bring us even richer moments for year. We had movers, pack a 16 foot pod to be placed at Cholla, and move the rest of things to Cholla garage, storage room, guest house and a few belongings at the Optima. Lots of friends helped with the kids while we dealt with the chaos. The Optima condo was our home for 6 weeks while we continued construction on Cholla and planned or our next move. Highlights of the Optima included riding the elevator, sharing a bedroom, the indoor swimming pool and lightsaber fights on the balcony at night. The 800 square foot condo brought us all closer and although it was one light away from Cholla, the tight quarters made us rethink living in our own 500 square foot guest house while construction finished.

Farewell to Fledgling Drive

One last look at Fledgling

Cholla living room shaping up. 
Windows installed at Cholla.
Playtime at the Hayes with Jackson.
Wednesday gymnastics with mom. She was the master of the bear crawl on the bars.
Picnic with Connor Mooney on the balcony at Optima 
Fun at cholla with impeccable style.
Playdate at cholla on the court.
Playtime at the Optima
Nope - not time to move in yet. Amazing pool color. 
Gracie girl's first haircut with Rae

Celebrated Davis losing his first tooth at the Sugar Bowl. He actually swallowed it so a letter to the tooth fairy was left.
Doctor day at preschool.
Lots of time looking at paint colors with this one. Pink lost out to Classic Gray for her room.
Guest house started shaping up nicely.
And lots of time at Cholla. Front door and kitchen views. Still waiting on footers to be finished. 

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