Thursday, June 18, 2015

Summer Days

National Donut Day with Auntie Lynz.

Dive-in Movie at the Fairmont Princess

Scottsdale Staycation at the Princess

And once again, he's "not tired."

Grace's stellar yoga-ish dance move during one of our dance parties. 

And Uncle Jeff was back in town for work and we got a super short but sweet visit in.

VBS is one of his favorite weeks at school and this is her 'I'm not smiling' smile, with arms crossed of course.

And while brother rides his bike like a crazy man, she sits and picks flowers. 

These two.

And when we go down steps she goes dead leg on us.

Davis with "red o'racer"

Friday, June 12, 2015

Evening with the Macs

We always have a last get together with the MacLachlin Family to say goodbye for the summer.  We enjoyed an evening of splashing around at Scottsdale Quarter before grabbing pizza and fro-yo. We'll all be in California for the summer although hours apart catching up with our own families and will not see each other until August when school returns and they're a few inches taller and Makena is 5.

And look at those littles!

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

May Days

A super busy May for us. Someone was in town visiting or out of town every single weekend in addition to Davis' birthday and school completion. Just trying to squeeze it all in before the heat settles in.

We visited dad's office and had a lunch date.

Some days, he has this look on his face until dad arrives home.

And once again, he's not tired and I find him like this...with the bad guys guarding him.

Mom and Dad's breakfast at Preschool was the sweetest.  The three amigos were out in front doing their crazy dance.

And I finally allowed Grace to accompany me to Davis' end of the year party and they both seemed to enjoy each other's presence. 

Wow. We have a girl.

Gracie girl made it through her first dental appointment with flying colors. No gagging, choking or projecting. 

Meeting her new Leprechaun girlfriend from Mimi and Pops' who spent time in Ireland. 

And lots of fro-yo dates with these two. Double order of vanilla with sprinkles.
Out for pizza with the boys when mom was out of town.

 The Marine Drive, his annual Vancouver trip.

Vegas for the Day

And the very next morning, we had Ms. Carmen come to the house at 7AM so we could head out for Vegas for the Day with the Williams and Barnes. The boys hopped in a limo to head to the golf course and ours took us to Aria to get checked in and to the Spa. We enjoyed massages which concluded with a nice earthquake, and then we had mani and pedis. We headed to the pool and ended up at the day club, Liquid. We were the whitest people there but had a blast watching the club crowd do what they do, like twerk in bathing suits. Awesome. Boys left to gamble while we finished at the spa and headed to Dinner. We headed back home around 9AM somewhat refreshed. Perfect getaway for these parents and so happy we have someone like Ms. Carmen to help us do it. 

He gives this look when he is overly proud of himself. 

And later that night, we headed to U2 with the Mooneys. Um...we were clearly tired.