Thursday, May 28, 2015

Outstanding in the Field

I had the rare pleasure of taking a girl's trip with my cooking group to Healdsburg, CA. It was based around our attending a foodie event called Outstanding in the Field. We flew early Saturday morning and returned on Monday. Coordinating this meant also coordinating 18 children's schedules as well. Quite the feat and we were proud of ourselves for simply getting on the plane. We landed in Oakland, hopped in to a few minivans and headed to Healdsburg. We checked in on the square at the Healdsburg Hotel, grabbed a picnic lunch and headed to Twomey Winery for a complimentary tour and tasting courtesy of Auntie Lynz. Enjoyed a nice dinner and were in bed early after the traveling and maybe the day drinking.

Sunday, we enjoyed a nice quiet breakfast before walking around downtown and visiting J for sparkling tasting. We headed out for the event at Preston Vineyards by 4 for a 5 hour event. The venue was great. Biodynamic farm, vineyards, animals, family owned, etc. We really enjoyed the atmosphere, food and the company. Its the quintessential 'farm to table' experience and we're already talking about which one we'll go to next year.

Carey, Lindsey, Gwen, Gretchen
Kyle, Carrie, Katherine

When we drank, we had our designated driver haul all 8 of us in one minivan and yelled directions from the back seat. When in doubt, consult the Wine Road map.

Cocktail and Dinner Saturday Night
You would think we have super important work emails to check.  
Picked up a picnic lunch and headed for a sparkling tasting at J.

Gwen our friend and DD, deserves a medal for driving us around Healdsburg. 

We literally parked between compost piles. 
The staff travels the country in this awesome red bus. 
Wine in the garden from Preston Vineyard before the introduction.
On the farm tour walking to the table.

The table was set just between the vines. So perfect.

Longest table ever.
Our table neighbors were from the City and of course had a selfie stick.

We left with just enough light to walk through the fields.

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