Wednesday, June 3, 2015

May Days

A super busy May for us. Someone was in town visiting or out of town every single weekend in addition to Davis' birthday and school completion. Just trying to squeeze it all in before the heat settles in.

We visited dad's office and had a lunch date.

Some days, he has this look on his face until dad arrives home.

And once again, he's not tired and I find him like this...with the bad guys guarding him.

Mom and Dad's breakfast at Preschool was the sweetest.  The three amigos were out in front doing their crazy dance.

And I finally allowed Grace to accompany me to Davis' end of the year party and they both seemed to enjoy each other's presence. 

Wow. We have a girl.

Gracie girl made it through her first dental appointment with flying colors. No gagging, choking or projecting. 

Meeting her new Leprechaun girlfriend from Mimi and Pops' who spent time in Ireland. 

And lots of fro-yo dates with these two. Double order of vanilla with sprinkles.
Out for pizza with the boys when mom was out of town.

 The Marine Drive, his annual Vancouver trip.

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