Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Davis 5th Birthday Party

We celebrated Davis' fifth birthday party with friends at home with a special visit from the Scottsdale Police Department. This is not usually something they do but I contacted them with a special request. Davis loves all things Police but is more intimidated by them than firefighters. It was a good opportunity to talk about the importance of Stranger Danger, calling 911, etc. We had a nice group of kids after school on a Thursday afternoon. Sergeants Coffee and Rigberg were wonderful with the children. They spoke in front of the house because "Havoc", the K9 and star of the party, would have started searching the backyard. At one time we had three police vehicles so I had warned the guards and neighbors of the party. The Sergeants showed riot gear, all the equipment they wear, their patrol cars, sirens, etc. Havoc waited patiently in the K9 car across the cup de sac and when they turned the taser on, he became very alarmed and started barking. Havoc is one of the seven K9 dogs of the city of Phoenix but the only bomb dog for Phoenix. He's a big deal. He comes from a special breeder in the Netherlands and responds to Dutch commands. He will become Sergeant Coffee's personal dog when its time for Havoc to retire. It was a good reminder that Havoc is a working dog and that he's not the kind of dog we run up to in public and pet.  Nonetheless, he's the coolest dog we ever met.

We finished with the Kona Ice truck and birthday treats. The kids were sent home with coloring books from the Police Department and swimming torpedoes as favors before calling it a day.

Grace inside "nursing" her baby under the cover just like Mrs. Elise sitting in the next chair.

Davis with Sean and Will, his best preschool buds. These three were inseparable at school this year. 
Owen, Brady, Sean, Will and Connor

With Auntie Lynz

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