Monday, May 11, 2015

Mother's Day with the Quijanos

Cousin Noelani, Auntie Nani and Uncle Jeff joined us last minute for Mother's Day weekend.  Andrew had a trip originally planned but was able to catch them on the tail end. We had a great time just hanging out at home, playing with bubbles, having dance parties and acting more crazy than we usually do. Noelani spent most her time pushing that baby stroller. We enjoyed a pizza supper at home and brunch outside before the girls headed back to Dallas. I think we sent them home over stimulated and exhausted. Andrew did get a visit in as he landed that morning. Uncle Jeff stayed for a few more nights for work in town.  Davis is exceptionally fond of his Uncle Jeff and made sure he consumed every second of his time playing games or doing their "crazy dance".  Uncle Jeff also provides most of his LSU swag, Davis' favorite team. We wish so badly they lived here.

She was attached to this stroller the entire weekend. 

cousins keeping it real. 

Don't mess with a girl and her super balloon

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