Sunday, March 8, 2015

Happy 2nd Birthday Grace!

Our dearest you are two! We can not believe how many wonderful moments you have given our family in just two short years. Your brother reminds us daily, that "she's not a baby anymore mama". I think I'll still need that reminder in the next year. You've developed a personality that keeps us all entertained and your brother shaking his head in disbelief.  Sweet, curious, daring, engaging, easy going, active. A lover of cuddling, climbing, baby dolls, your dada, coloring, Elmo, "lambie", milk, hanging with the big kids, especially your big brother and that pink blanket. You love to put shoes on, especially your rain boots and to pretend to put mama's make up on. You enjoy dancing with your brother but can also be found dancing with dolls. Your time outside is spent chasing your brother, throwing rocks in the pool or pedaling your tricycle like its a balance bike. You enjoy music class, swim lessons and story time too. Traveler to California, Montana, Mississippi and Louisiana.  Mischief is found when you're stealing everyone's toothbrush, climbing in Davis' bed with your shoes on, eating everyone's chapstick and walking around with my camera around your neck. But oftentimes when the house is quiet, we can find you building towers with legos, playing with the train table, feeding and cuddling your baby dolls or flipping through books in your room. You are fun loving and keep our mood light when we need it most. You exchange hysterical looks with your dada, stand at the potty like a male before every bath, carry your heavy wooden stool around the house planning what counter to attack next, say things to me like "come on mama" and aggravate your brother with that sneaky grin like you know what you're doing...kinda. You are the best greeter almost knocking us over with those running hugs but don't mind spending time with your nannies who you cuddle up with too. You are tall and lean like a Medley and have their blue eyes and blonde hair but deep down inside I know you have a bit of me because you're my girl, our Gracie-girl, sister, granddaughter, niece, cousin, friend and our two year old and we're over the moon for you. Happy Birthday my love.

Weight: 24.6 lb (21%)
Height: 36.5 in (95%)
Head Circumference: 19 cm (70%)
Clothing size: 2-3T
Diaper size: 5

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