Thursday, April 30, 2015

April Days

Officially a two year old and still looking so much like Auntie Kate.

And those days when  he's so "not tired" but if I lie down he's out.

And the second child is doing things the first never did. 

And someone want to be just like dad.

And an old friend from home, now an attorney in Atlanta, came to visit and gifted tulips to all.

And their obsession with cardboard boxes continues. 
And slow mornings continue to be few but highly favored.

A girl and her pink blankie.

And this one is almost 5!

Her hair is a force to be reckoned with, especially in the morning.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Easter in Whitefish

We spent Easter in Whitefish this year and had the pleasure of sharing it with the Jenkins Family from Louisiana, minus Baby Juliet who is one.  We arrived and within the hour the snow started to fall.  The Jenkins arrived the afternoon after so we rented our skis early on Friday and acquainted ourself with the daycare and ski school. Davis was very interested in getting his own skis and was very pleased he received RED boots. We took the Jenkins to feed the ducks, one of our favorite summer activities, cruised downtown, and finished off with dinner at Mambo's.

starting to snow!

Davis and Isabel, both first timers, got geared up and spent the entire first day at ski school with their own instructor. They even finished the day going up the chair lift.  We experienced some great snowfall that day and through the night and woke up to ice on the cars and front steps on our way to Mass.

First day skiing 

Easter eggs with Godmother Laurel
Anxiously awaiting to see what the Easter Bunny left.

And on our beautiful Easter Sunday, the snow was so good, the group went out for a few hours and I stayed with the littles, Grace and Caroline, while they took amazing and much needed naps. 

little front porch sitting'.

 The next day it snowed 6", so we decided to have a fun day downtown with the kids. We had a burger lunch at the Northern and then headed over to Stumptown Pottery. It was great idea from Philips and the kids did love it. Grace chose an owl and Davis a bunny, appropriate as we spent Easter there. We finished our day with dessert crepes of the adults and yogurt for the kids. That night we had a sitter allowing the adults to enjoy drinks at the Lodge before dining at Tupelo Grille.

And our last day was beautiful with new powder, sunshine and great friends. The skier on the left made amazing strides this trip after a few days of lessons. We took a few runs down together before I headed down to get Grace home for nap. I look forward to skiing with just the girls next trip. 

Isabel and Davis
Davis and Isabel in fresh powder.

We are so proud of Davis for skiing so well.  He and Isabel spent the whole day skiing together and didn't complain one bit.  He needs encouragement to turn as he prefers to go faster but learned to control his turns. He enjoyed his instructors and has already mentioned he would like to be a ski instructor.  Gracie-girl loved her time in the daycare. She was one of three kids there and received lots of attention.  They reported she loved the snow and talked about Olaf while playing. The kids played so well together which made our time together so enjoyable.  It was a memorable vacation for all and we look forward to our next ski trip.