Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Preschool Mardi Gras

I had the pleasure of hosting a little Mardi Gras celebration at Davis' preschool. We've been so lucky to have the same teachers again who are quite the enthusiastic trio.  We kept the activities just like last year, reading Gaston goes to Mardi Gras, making masks, eating king cake and going on a parade to share beads with the whole school.  Davis was very enthusiastic about the entire day and was most excited to help his friends make their own mask and to lead the parade by carrying the umbrella. I loved every second of my time with all of them, watching the girls put more sequins and feathers than the mask could hold, watching them eat the sprinkles first off the king cake, teaching them "throw me something mister", watching the other classrooms react to the chaos of our little ones coming in yelling, waving hands and sharing beads, watching Davis take great pride in leading his parade and sharing a little bit of my home with these desert babies. I was so thankful his they let me do it a second time and look forward to the next time.

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