Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Christmas in California

We arrived at Mimi and Pops Christmas afternoon. They had a full house with everyone except for Uncle Tim, who was preparing to start business school in France. We had lots of play time with Noelani, our favorite cousin. We cooked and ate and drank lots of their good wine. We celebrated Mimi and Pops' anniversary with tante cooking up some good gumbo. We surprised them with a private lunch at Daou Vineyard in Paso Robles to celebrate their 38 years. Andrew and I escaped for a few nights leaving Mimi and Pops with hands full. We toasted to the new year, watched some good and bad (LSU) football and simply enjoyed being together, wether it was in the backyard or in a cardboard box. It was a Merry Christmas and happy anniversary and great way to start our New Year. 

With new backpack (worn all day) from Mimi and Pops and baby from Noelani

Noelani cutting fruit from her cousins

And they're off with their clementines

On our anniversary getaway at the Four Seasons Biltmore in Santa Barbara - amazing.

Saying goodbye 
And after 2 weeks of feeling ill, he was back!

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