Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas at Home

And to end our busy Christmas season, we celebrated Christmas eve at home, with a feverish chid with a "flu-like virus".  This translates to a long illness with no medication...awesome.  We did enjoy a nice meal at home of steak and twice baked potatoes with a nice bottle of wine. Cookies were put out and we read "night before Christmas" before turning in. Davis awoke first and waited patiently for his sister to awake. Santa left 4 gifts for the children each. something they want, need, wear and read. Davis turned the corner to the living room and without saying a word hopped on his new bike and started to pedal around. Super excited and just as excited with seeing his sister's gifts. He's always willing to help unwrap too. We enjoyed a nice breakfast before getting our bags together to catch our afternoon flight to California.

Something he needs

Something she wants

Something he wants

Doll stroller from brother

toolbox from Grandmother and Gran

Books from Gran and Grandmother

Grace super happy about us making her stop playing to take a picture

Still bitter 
clearly, not letting it go

And so we remember how good it was, Santa brought Davis a new bike (need), police legos (want), workout clothes (wear) and space rocket books (read). Grace received a dollhouse (want), hair bows and clips (need), short sets (wear) and madeline book (read).

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