Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Santa Party

We enjoyed attending Grayhawk's Santa Party again this year at the Golf Club. It was advised that the children wear their Christmas pajamas and that there would be prizes for the best dressed.  The kids enjoyed a pancake dinner with lots of goodies on the side, like a smores and hot chocolate bar.  Its always fun to see the kids excitement and Grace's involvement in it was a contrast to last year. They were so patient waiting their turn. Grace was pointing and yelling in excitement while Davis held her tight to stay on her bottom. It was all giggles until we let her down on his lap. We honestly thought she was going to be fine. And of course the first year Davis sits and smiles, Grace loses it. Davis had a great night, receiving spy walkie talkies and Grace received a purse. Davis also won the pajama contest and received a prize. The consensus was he strongly resembled "Where's Waldo". We were super proud of him. Its always such a fun night to share with friends.

Anxiously awaiting their turn with Santa
Acting silly with Brady

With Brady and Makena. Love these expressions

Honestly, Grace was really curious of the whole thing
One would say, actually excited
And then, in an instance...we became those parents.
Even after receiving her gift, she was still crying and maybe a little mad at mom and dad. 
Davis, 1st place pajama winner,  receiving his prize from Santa

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