Monday, February 16, 2015

New Orleans with the Medley Family

We returned to New Orleans for a little Christmas in February with the Medley Family. We arrived on Ash Wednesday avoiding all the Mardi Gras madness. I flew with the kids one day early to have a night with the Jenkins. I'm feeling more comfortable taking that long flight by myself, rental car and the hour drive to the North Shore. It was great to see the kids together again after a short time. We raised the chaos and volume a bit. We enjoyed a visit to their gym in the AM while Laurel and I worked out and stayed to have lunch together before the kids and I picked up Andrew from the airport and headed into the City. We met the Medley crew that night, Tim and Jean from Jackson, William from New York and Kate from Durham. We enjoyed nice meals in the condo, a visit to the Children's Museum, Crescent City Farmer's Market, dinners at Galatoires and Mandina's, street car rides for Davis, running around with aunts and uncles and hanging around the condo. Grace did develop a little cold while we were there so plans changed a bit.  Everyone was flexible and it was nice having some extra hands. Davis and Grace get lots of attention and goodies being the only grandchildren.  Not sure they know how good they have it. I returned home Monday morning with the kids while Andrew flew on to Dallas for work. It was a memorable time for us all. 

Caroline (3), Davis (4.5), Juliet (1), Isabel (6) and Grace (1.5)

Laurel and Juliet

He stayed in this streetcar for 30 minutes.

Cajun Cottage Girl

Dinner at Galatoires

Gran and his girl

Medley Family