Saturday, November 22, 2014

SLO for Straight Down

 We returned to SLO for the annual Straight Down Golf Tournament that Andrew has played in the last few years. While Andrew played golf, we hung out with Mimi and Pops at the airport, at Ari's new farmhouse and had just a few hours at the course. It was great to visit during the fall. Ari is the son of my parents former next door neighbor. They have a beautiful farm now. We spent one morning there out on the gator, riding bikes and drinking coffee while the kids play. It was an enjoyable visit on a very crisp fall day. The kids loved it.

This pretty much sumps up our little daredevil. 

Ari, Davis and Grace

Mama, wait! Daddy's hitting.

Nothing like your husband encouraging your daughter to throw golfballs to her little brother public too. 

Mimi and Davis

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