Monday, November 17, 2014

Day with Pops at Santa Barbara Airport

A little boy's Disneyland for Davis. Mimi and Pops surprised Davis with a "behind the scenes" tours of the Santa Barbara Airport they purchased at a charity auction. He received a goody bag before including a toy airplane, ID badge, luggage tag etc. We drove down while Mimi stayed with Grace. Our tour guide spent a few hours with us educating us on the history and the airports current role in air traffic.  Davis loved the hands on experiences like the flight simulator. He carried that airplane the entire tour. Due to security, we could not take any pictures in or around the tower and of course the radar room. The radar room, on the bottom floor of the tower, was just like the radar room in Top Gun. Davis was perfectly silent and still in that pitch dark room, staring at the screens and the air traffic controller who was speaking in such a captivating way. When he paused, Davis whispered "I want to hear him speak fast like that again". We left the radar room to head up to the tower. He kneeled on a high chair and was given a black phone to listen to the air traffic controllers. Pops and I enjoyed the gorgeous view. We finished our tour at the airport fire station, also a place he could have stayed for hours. It was interested to see and hear the differences of this fire station versus the one in AZ where he had his last birthday. We finished the day at IN-N-OUT where he took down a burger and a milkshake. It was a memorable day indeed. 

He was so focused and could have stayed on this for hours.

Flight simulator

Pretty excited about the whole experience especially riding in the special airport car, without a car seat. We could hear the air traffic controllers on the radio. 

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