Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween 2014

And the excitement continued, with friends coming over for pre-party pics and then off to the Rathbun's annual Halloween bash across the way. Our little gnome costume arrived in the nick of time although the hat and shoes were a wee bit too small. Actually neither of the kids headpieces fit- not even close. Davis' was a 6T too. But with Elsa and Olaf, neither knew the difference. Andrew and I dressed as Davis' prisoners and he thought it was hysterical. Where we trick or treat, EVERYONE dresses up. It makes it super fun for the kids. We made it to close to 30 houses this year while Kai and Grace sat patiently in the strollers taking in all the scenes. Davis' favorite part of the night was having the honor of passing out candy at his friend Brady's house. (We get no trick or treaters at our house.) He took his job very seriously giving only one candy per person and waiting for them to say the magic words. Grace was up way too late but was such a champ. Davis came home with a bucket full of candy but really never had an interest in eating much of the candy. It was a super fun night despite having an 8AM tball game the next day. 

And Davis thought it was so cool that mom and dad were his prisoners. 

curious gnome

With fellow brothers in the Force and friends, Owen and Brady. 

With Auntie Lynz, the wine fairy, and Marissa

Halloween at Preschool

Andrew and I were able to view Davis' preschool parade. Just like last year, it was super cute and he was excited to see us there. I stayed to help with the party, do crafts and such before heading back with him to get ready for the real deal that night. In regards to the costume, it was very appropriate for this rule following first born who has enjoyed playing "police" at school. His favorite part of the costume was the handcuffs of course. 

Super impressed at his taking his parade role seriously and waving to the spectators. 

His preschool besties, Sean and Will.  

Jackrabbits. The Disney princess situation is out of control. 

It took some persuading but he eventually got his hands dirty and helped me. 

Pretty proud carver. 

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Elise's Baby Sprinkle

 I had the pleasure of co-hosting a sprinkle for Elise who is due with her third boy this December. It was a beautiful day for our brunch at Scottsdale Quarter. Our group of 15 enjoyed a delicious brunch and sprinkled Elise with lots of love, crazy mom stories and some baby essentials too. She is absolutely glowing now and we can't wait to meet that sweet boy in December.

Did a little calligraphy on the favor tags. 

Christy, Jenny, Elise, Christina, Joei

Wishing tree 

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Fall Days

Just a few more stitches in our chin...AGAIN. Kid didn't cry at all...even when I took the stitches out myself. 

But mama did cry when she did this in the middle of the night. Dislocated toe may have hurt worse than childbirth. 

Finally getting some hair. 

Weather here is perfect and we're enjoying our backyard living. 

Grace and her infamous scowl. She must shoot scowls at people from a distant because we often get comments about it in stores. At least they're laughing about it. She doesn't break face. 

We met the McLachlins at the train park. 
Medley clearly plays it safe and takes it all the way down. 

Grace and her many expressions. She LOVES this doll of Andrew's, circa 1979ish. 

And we thinks its sooo great when they have matching jammies. 

Monday, October 6, 2014

Medleys in Mississippi

We arrived in Jackson, without incident, after my first road trip solo with the kids. Their were quite excited to be there and see Gran and Grandmother. The next morning, they took Davis on a special train to Brookhaven while I stayed home with Grace. Andrew flew to Jackson the next day to join us. We had dinner at the Mayflower for some wonderfully delicious seafood. Davis only remembers wearing the Mississippi State Trooper's hat at supper. On Friday we ventured our for story time before Laurel and Philips picked us up for our trip to Oxford for the game. We stayed with good friends, Lanier and Vaiden at his mom's home. We had a wonderful visit with them and they were beyond hospitable. I can't believe we didn't get a picture with them. We had lots of time at the Grove before heading to the Ole Miss - Alabama game. We watched the game from the Krutz's box and got to visit with friends and family. We spent the rest of night with the Jenkins before returning to Jackson to relieve Gran and Grandmother from their full time duties. We are still so thankful for their volunteering their weekend to watch the children. Sounds like it was quite fun for all. We returned to the desert with Davis talking lots about his time there and asking when he could go back. Thank you for a memorable time. 

And after our 3 hour car ride, running around the park was best. 

We also visited the Willie Morris Library for story time. 
Laurel may have stolen cotton for me to bring back to AZ despite Philips' warning that people get arrested for this sort of thing. 
Ole Miss roomies with their better half LSU roomies in the Grove.  This is also where Andrew and I initially met 14 years ago. 

 Oxford highlights include hitching a ride in the bed of a truck to the Square, post game drinks at City Grocery, running into exes and chickibobs at Chevron.  

And while we were gone, Grace got some one on one time with Gran on the porch. Gran and Grandmother also took them to the Ag Museum which looks like quite a bit of fun. 


With Cousins Grace and Fran, both children of Andrew's first cousins. 
The children loved spending time with their Mississippi cousins. Grace with Polly, Annie and Doby.
Davis, Grace and Fran.
Lots of time with Grandmother on the floor building rockets and spaceships.  

And through the secret door to his favorite spot in the house. 
And on our ride from Jackson to New Orleans to catch our return flight.