Monday, August 25, 2014

First Day of (the second year of) Preschool

We returned to Pinnacle Peak Presbyterian Preschool for Davis' second year of preschool. We also chose to return to the same classroom with the same teachers, progressing from two to three days a week. So over the summer he grew from a Javelina to a Jack Rabbit and returned to see his favorite teachers and lots of friends. His transition was so smooth, as if he'd never left. So he's back on schedule going from 9-12:30, three days a week with one extended day until 2. He appears more confidant than last year and has developed a set group of guy friends who he has enjoyed riding bikes with them and playing "police officer". We're looking forward to another memorable year for Davis and extra one on one time for Mama and Grace.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Summer Closing

And for our last weekend, Andrew returned to enjoy that cooler weather and join us for one last beach visit and happy hour.  It was a wonderful time in California again. We are so thankful that Mimi and Pops are willing to open their home up to us. This includes food on the floor, pee on the floor, extra high water bill, kids stuff everywhere, three bedrooms occupied, whining, crying, routines, schedules and constant neverending activity. Plus a daughter that still wants to reap all the benefits of being their daughter. ;-) They treat me like gold and my own family even better. Thank you.

Not pictured is the park and Panera bread we visited, strangers that entertained my children, the iPads that kept my children "happy", list of the number of times Davis asked me when our flight was going to be here, and the exhaustion on my face while our flight was delayed for four hours, for a broken AC (less than ideal for Phoenix in August) and a monsoon that grounded all flights into Phoenix. But we made it and my children were up at the latest hour to date in their young lives. Yet, it was sooooo worth it. What a summer.

simple pleasures include those ocean bubbles the waves leave behind

wandering what time we'll leave so he can get back to the easy life. ;-)

Efforts to get that perfect pic with their grandparents. no child obliged.

bonnet in the bushes

happiness is your Mimi with a frisbee.

what is it with kids wanting to push their own stroller?

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Bestie Comes to Town

A long vacation at your grandparents, who live by the beach, is pretty nice, but things rise to a whole new level when your bestie comes to stay with you. Kristy and the kiddos joined us for a few nights before going on a camping trip nearby. Davis was excited to take her to "the Barn" to feed the animals and have some ice cream. Its evident their mischievous ways crossed state lines keeping us on our toes. We also celebrated Makena's actual 4th birthday with a hotdog, ice cream at Doc Bernsteins, princess french toast breakfast and walk on the pier before they headed out. The number of pics I took during their stay is inversely proportional to the amount of chaos present. Wish I captured more of their memorable moments this weekend.

note: running with lettuce in hand

horse whisperers
Kai. love this kid.

nothing better than tractor time with Makena 

Friday, August 1, 2014

California Summer Days

And before Tante left she initiated Davis and Grace with their first sprinkler run.  We live in the land of desert landscape and granite rock yards so these kids can barely recognize the word sprinkler. So as we returned from ice cream, Davis asked if he could run in the sprinklers. This in itself was surprising considering his nature. So we engaged him and then sister followed. Grace entered yard and immediately experienced the shotgun affect of the sprinkler putting her down on her back. This was hysterical and pitiful and after a few tears she was back at it. It was a short but wonderful time for all of them.

And when Dada came in town, we took him to Avila Barn for an animal feeding and a hayride to pick peaches.

And we can't go anywhere without Davis "visiting the trees". He refuses to use most public restrooms. We have no idea who he got this from. ;-)

And we also had a happy hour drink at Edna Valley Vineyard, down the road from Mimi and Pops'.

Between the barrels at Edna Valley Vineyard 

Family beach outing where Davis boogie boarded by himself for the first time! And one time he jumped on Andrew's back to finish the ride with him. 

We visited downtown Arroyo Grande for a vintage car show. It was fantastic. Davis picked this Wagoneer out and I agreed it was the best.

And we picked a special time to visit the Discovery Museum again. And this time, Grace enjoyed it just the same.

The organ was as loud as if it was in the middle of Notre Dame. And it didn't bother her one bit. It was hysterical. 

And we celebrated Pops' 67th with Mimi's homemade cake. Yes, Davis thought it was his birthday too. 

No hesitation here. 
And when we returned home after all our adventures, I was prepared for Davis to remember only playing with a special friend this summer, Ari. He is the son of my parent's immediate neighbor. And Davis' #1 friend, playmate, partner in crime, bike riding, spy playing summer buddy. Everyday Davis would wake up and ask if he could play with Ari. Everyday. And every afternoon when he awoke from nap, "can I go see if Ari is home?"So they would ride their bikes up and down and Ari, who is a few years older, is very mature, and played with this admiring 4 year old without hesitation. Sadly, they're selling their home as they purchased a farm a few miles away so next summer's visit will be a different adventure together on their farm maybe.

Ari and Davis