Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween 2014

And the excitement continued, with friends coming over for pre-party pics and then off to the Rathbun's annual Halloween bash across the way. Our little gnome costume arrived in the nick of time although the hat and shoes were a wee bit too small. Actually neither of the kids headpieces fit- not even close. Davis' was a 6T too. But with Elsa and Olaf, neither knew the difference. Andrew and I dressed as Davis' prisoners and he thought it was hysterical. Where we trick or treat, EVERYONE dresses up. It makes it super fun for the kids. We made it to close to 30 houses this year while Kai and Grace sat patiently in the strollers taking in all the scenes. Davis' favorite part of the night was having the honor of passing out candy at his friend Brady's house. (We get no trick or treaters at our house.) He took his job very seriously giving only one candy per person and waiting for them to say the magic words. Grace was up way too late but was such a champ. Davis came home with a bucket full of candy but really never had an interest in eating much of the candy. It was a super fun night despite having an 8AM tball game the next day. 

And Davis thought it was so cool that mom and dad were his prisoners. 

curious gnome

With fellow brothers in the Force and friends, Owen and Brady. 

With Auntie Lynz, the wine fairy, and Marissa

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