Saturday, November 29, 2014

Thanksgiving Visit

And the days following Thanksgiving were filled with lots of activity with Mimi and Pops and cousin Noelani included Gingerbread house decorating, football watching, leftover turkey gumbo, visit to The Scottsdale Princess (where Mimi and Pops stayed) for their Christmas Celebration, train park, watching The Snowman from Mimi and Pops and just hanging out.

Uncle Jeff is such a good sport with Davis' constant question, "Wanna play with me?". All day, everyday. 

Grace and her dada's doll. 

These two are just 5 months apart. How fun is this going to be!

watching "The Snowman" 

LSU swag from Uncle Jeff & Auntie Nani

And a little scotch tasting for the guys

Miss Noelani earned herself a Kettler after her visit

sorry mimi

And a lot of this, outside wine time.

Leftover turkey gumbo by Jeff and Kanani, was delicious.

Grace was not a fan. We enjoyed some smores after and a train ride to see the lights before our night cap by the light show. 

selfie on the train

Tuesday, November 25, 2014


We had the pleasure of hosting this years feast. Mimi and Pops flew in a few days before to aid in the prep while Jeff, Kanani and Noelani arrived early Thanksgiving morning. We had unseasonably warm weather which allowed for outside dining. It was a beautiful Arizona day. We feasted on an herb brined turkey, smoked turkey, cranberry dressing, oyster dressing, roasted butternut squash, green beans, sweet potatoes and plenty of rolls. We also had some amazing wine that Mimi and Pops brought in from California. We finished with an apple cake by mom and Andrew's pecan pie. It was a wonderful gathering of half my family and a memorable time for the cousins to play together.

Somebody came prepared to keep Grace busy with her favorite activity of stickers. 

And Uncle Jeff & Auntie Nani brought these glow in the dark rockets that kept Davis and friends busy for days. 

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Tee- Ball 2014

 Davis finished his first season oft t-ball in a local Scottsdale league. Andrew and I juggled practice and games with crazy Grace. He played with some friends he already knew and met some new friends along the way. Their were 5 coaches for 11 boys, two of which were firefighters (super big in his book). He received the full gear and has probably outgrown the helmut already. He learned basics of the game and how to throw a ball correctly. He enjoyed playing pitcher and first base but wasn't too thrilled about the outfield. He listened to his coaches and had some great hits through the season. He is excited to play another season of t-ball with the same league next spring.

Love that focus