Thursday, June 5, 2014

Conversations with a 4 year old

And to think, these are just the ones I remember to write down. Keeps me laughing and keeps all things in perspective. Love this kid.

Leaving for ice cream 
Davis: Mom, if Grace cries just go in her room. Got it?

Davis: Mom how long we gonna be gone?
Just two days.
Davis: Ok, we gonna sold our house?
Getting into the bath and examining his unmentionables

Davis: How'd these balls get in here?"
God put them there.

At trader joes pushing his cart, he stopped in the wine section 
Buddy c'mon!
Davis yelling: Mama, we need to get this wine for daddy!

Looking at my stretch marks
Davis: I did that when I was born?
Yes, when you were growing in my tummy. But it's ok, it didn't hurt. (Lie) 
Davis: Ok. I wanna be born again.

Holding a grape 
Davis: Mama, you make wine with this grape?
Not sure- maybe. We'll have to ask Auntie Lynz. She does wine for work. 
Davis: Ok. She can teach me about wine & I can teach her about race cars.

Passing me in the hallway
Davis: Mama, where's that thing that goes on my Johnson? (Referencing his tball cup protection) 

Holding a Q alphabet cracker
Q is for Quijano like what my name used to be. Now it's Medley, like yours. 
Davis: You lost your name?
We'll no- but when you get married you get the same name because you're a family.
Davis: Well I don't want to lose my name. (emotion setting in)
You don't have to. 
Davis: Well I wanna get married.
You can. 
Davis: Can I marry you?
No. You need to marry someone who's your same age, who likes to do the same fun things. 
Davis: Oh ok. I'll marry Makena then.
(Problem solved) 

And my forever cautious child understands what it means to warn the animals that we're coming when riding our bikes in the wash. 
But mama! You don't have a bell on your bike! So now daddy & I have to ring our bells when something is scary for you

And when we recently landed in New Orleans
Davis: And now we gonna get the minivan?
Yes, but we're not buying it. Its just for our trip.
Davis: Oh ok. This is so exciting, right?!

And when we were on our road trip
Davis: Are we in Mississippi yet?
Yes, we just got into Mississippi. 
Davis: Wow, it's so beautiful here now. Right?

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