Thursday, July 10, 2014

Whitefish for the 4th!

We feel so blessed to be able to visit Whitefish every year and stay at Uncle Bubba (Doug) & Marilyn's home there. We had a 10 day escape from the heat while Andrew played in the annual tournament at Whitefish Lake Golf Club and we all celebrated the 4th. Their home is beautiful, big enough for us and a few more families. And what mom doesn't love that it has a crib, highchair and a closet full of toys waiting. There were a lot of friends that we see every year there from Phoenix and other places too. We're happy its turning into an annual trip. We enjoyed the alpine slide on Big Mountain and I even went down with Grace in the carrier. She oohed and aahed the whole way down. We took the gondola up the mountain and had a nice lunch at the Summit. Davis even tromped in a snow patch at the top. We visited Whitefish Lake Lodge for coffee and to see the woodey boats. We went to the park a lot and to feed the ducks.  We hung around Whitefish Lake Golf Club eating lunch with dad and watching the horserace. We had date night with friends, delicious ice cream with the kiddos, a visit to Glacier, road trip to Somers for a vintage market and an evening in a spectacular home on a lake outside of Whitefish. We enjoyed swinging on the porch with a glass of wine and Davis really liked the spa. Just driving around Davis spotted more deer, turkeys, llamas, zebras and a camel. It is such a beautiful place. It was a memorable time for us again and we are so thankful for the hospitality.

the best spot in the house

dancing at the BBQ joint
Deer watching in our jammies
Alpine slide 
big boy on Big Mountain

pretty happy in the carrier

He was pretty pumped about the gondola ride to say the least. 

The view from the gondola

At the Summit 

"There were 4 monkeys swinging from a tree..."

And on our way to that spectacular house, the drive was pretty nice too

Summer is good for barefoot in blue jeans fishing off the dock
kayaking with Justin. We did get a call from a concerned grandparent (who will remain nameless) after there was no lifejacket on Davis. I did not take this pic nor had any part of him getting in the boat without one. 

Kids on the cart path - a summer thing.

We got a runner!

4th of July 
And some days we just fed the ducks and they ran through the park. 
pretty captivated by the Falls at Glacier National Park

Anchorage Gorge

And when we returned, a pitiful face in the Phoenix heat. 
And the next morning, we were back at the airport, saying goodbye to dad as we headed to California for the rest of the summer. 

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