Sunday, August 17, 2014

Summer Closing

And for our last weekend, Andrew returned to enjoy that cooler weather and join us for one last beach visit and happy hour.  It was a wonderful time in California again. We are so thankful that Mimi and Pops are willing to open their home up to us. This includes food on the floor, pee on the floor, extra high water bill, kids stuff everywhere, three bedrooms occupied, whining, crying, routines, schedules and constant neverending activity. Plus a daughter that still wants to reap all the benefits of being their daughter. ;-) They treat me like gold and my own family even better. Thank you.

Not pictured is the park and Panera bread we visited, strangers that entertained my children, the iPads that kept my children "happy", list of the number of times Davis asked me when our flight was going to be here, and the exhaustion on my face while our flight was delayed for four hours, for a broken AC (less than ideal for Phoenix in August) and a monsoon that grounded all flights into Phoenix. But we made it and my children were up at the latest hour to date in their young lives. Yet, it was sooooo worth it. What a summer.

simple pleasures include those ocean bubbles the waves leave behind

wandering what time we'll leave so he can get back to the easy life. ;-)

Efforts to get that perfect pic with their grandparents. no child obliged.

bonnet in the bushes

happiness is your Mimi with a frisbee.

what is it with kids wanting to push their own stroller?

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