Thursday, August 14, 2014

Bestie Comes to Town

A long vacation at your grandparents, who live by the beach, is pretty nice, but things rise to a whole new level when your bestie comes to stay with you. Kristy and the kiddos joined us for a few nights before going on a camping trip nearby. Davis was excited to take her to "the Barn" to feed the animals and have some ice cream. Its evident their mischievous ways crossed state lines keeping us on our toes. We also celebrated Makena's actual 4th birthday with a hotdog, ice cream at Doc Bernsteins, princess french toast breakfast and walk on the pier before they headed out. The number of pics I took during their stay is inversely proportional to the amount of chaos present. Wish I captured more of their memorable moments this weekend.

note: running with lettuce in hand

horse whisperers
Kai. love this kid.

nothing better than tractor time with Makena 

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