Saturday, June 14, 2014

Fun in Flagstaff for Father's Day

We had a little escape from the heat for two nights in June. We reserved a hotel room in downtown flagstaff. We enjoyed visiting their downtown and watching their train go by every 30 minutes. The highlight for sure for Davis.  We ran into lots of fellow Phoenicians up there each day. Saturday morning we ventured to Bearizona which is a 4 mile 'stay in your car' wildlife park. It was the perfect distance for Davis who is not interested in getting close and personal with animals. At the end we did walk around the small park which had baby bears and other animals like bobcats. The baby bears were the family favorite. The rest of the day we went swimming with friends at Pine Canyon Golf Club and finished the day with an early supper. We left the next morning to head back to celebrate Father's Day at home. And just in time for Grace to get sick.

Davis loved staying at the hotel. The little kitchen, personal telephone, his own bed, the maps and brochure stand by the concierge, the way his dad can schmooze the concierge into free snacks, the luggage cart.  He loved it and spent his car ride reading those maps and giving Dad directions.

Memory to note is Davis asking Andrew to go get ice cream. A ritual they do together. Andrew told him only if he paid, explaining that he could save his money and buy a toy or he could buy him ice cream. He flipped his piggy bank over and shook out $5 in change which they used to buy ice cream with sprinkles.

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