Monday, July 28, 2014

Picnic at the Dinosaur Caves

For Tante's farewell, she organized a little picnic for us all at the Dinosaur Caves, overlooking Shell Beach with a playground for the kids and bike path for the little man. It was a perfect day to be together. We had some yummy food while we corralled the kids.

Davis on that balance bike

Dancing with Mimi (not pictured)

Grace and her godmother

Saturday, July 19, 2014

2014 California Summer Beginnings

California provided a  nice respite and escape from the summer heat. We arrived just a day after our return from Montana.  The kids were a little tired but excited to be with Mimi and Pops and Tante who is home for a bit. Tante accompanied us on some of our adventures and I was thankful for her energy and the extra hand. The first week consisted of playing outside - in the backyard or the beach. Davis braved the ocean temperature and became braver and braver each visit. Grace, shockingly, enjoyed the water and did not try to eat the sand. We eventually realized that once she got in the water we would spend the entire time restraining her. Davis took his annual train ride into San Luis Obispo where we met Tante and had a delicious sandwich and then off for a nice afternoon downtown.

Tide pools at Cliffs Resort where Davis enjoyed watching the sea urchins, crabs, and hermit crabs but encouraged the rest of us to touch them. Grace on the other hand, held the hermit crab and tried to eat it. 
Acting like such a lady in her bonnet.

This is more like it. 

Tante is good for a lot of things... like free rides.

And California summers are good for lunch outside...with your bonnet on.
Golf club = weapon.

Even at the beach, my parents keep order. And I love it.

And after jumping in the waves, our monkey could have fallen asleep, just like this, on Mimi and Pops' bed.

He waited so patiently for the delayed train. Think the sucker may have helped though.

He chose to sit on the upper deck. And once on the train, he enjoyed the views of farms and vineyards with a complimentary juice box. I think we did FaceTime with dad to share the experience. 

At the coffee shop, explaining to Tante why he doesn't want to take a picture. 

And here our tour guide explains the genus and species of this particular orange fish.

She loved that orange fish. and if she was allowed to touch it she would have tried to eat it.
sand shark 

And Grace had a turn too.

shark attack!

clearly, i thought this was hysterical

our own little 'clark the shark'

And sometimes walks ended up like this...