Friday, May 30, 2014

Stop Drop and Roll... Davis is 4!

Davis chose a firetruck themed birthday including a trip to the local fire station with 7 of his besties. Davis chose the guest list this year. In his full fire attire, we had a tour of the DC Ranch station, a mile from our home. The kids were awestruck of the station, the truck and the fire fighters themselves. They were great with the kids and so generous with their time. We see them at frys grocery all the time so we gave them cookies and a Starbucks gift card as a thank you.  Davis was very observant. You could definitely tell he had a sincere interest in the inner workings of the station and trucks. The alarms didn't bother him at all. His favorite was watching the ladder go up. After a 45 min tour we drove a quarter of a mile on the same street to Grimaldi's Pizza. We had a pizza and cupcakes and mini cannolis for the adults. It was his day full of his activities, his food and his people. It was nice to do it this way and much easier for mom to not cook for 30 people!

love all the curious eyes

Touching the tank

His birthday party date Makena

This year i think he remembered the whole wish thing we had talked about. 


Uncle Benny and Auntie Lynz.
With his godfather, Parker, and godfather's daughter and bestie, Makena

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