Friday, May 16, 2014

Last Day of Preschool

Davis completed his first, of what we believe will be three, year of preschool. He was blessed to have three amazingly energetic, inspiring, patient and creative teachers.  He completed the year without a single tear shed. He made lots of new friends and by the end of the year had a solid crew of boys that he preferred to play with. He learned to write his name, competent with alphabet, numbers, days of the week and lots of other preschool fun. He is interested in more art and teaches me what random things we can use around the house for art. Music continues to be a big interest. He continued to be well accomplished in the gross motor arena and could often be found pulling his friends in his "bike taxi". (I see a future in this during college. Uncle Tim would be proud.) He remains the tallest and is often mistaken for a 5 year old. He is still our sensitive cautious son but is now more confidant, outgoing and vocal regarding his opinion. Something we're proud of. He is already asking when he may return to preschool.  Lucky for all, he'll be in multiple camps there this summer. Below are pics from his end of the year pizza party for the little Javelinas and parents. It began with a wonderful water party. We then viewed thier portfolios together and ate pizza and watched a video of pics from their year. The kids loved seeing themselves on the TV. Davis does not shy from the camera and was in quite a few. They also celebrated summer birthdays where he wore a crown. One of his dearest friends is Brady, seen in most of the pics. They are neighbors and our families have become fast friends this year. 

"great big shark, great big shark, swimming in the water"

watching themselves on the TV

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