Saturday, May 24, 2014

Happy 4th Birthday Davis!

Today you are 4! Four has hit mom hard. The number itself sounds more like a little boy than a toddler and indeed you're less toddler and more little man than ever. You've grown immensely this year with lots of new "teachers" in your life. You successfully completed your first year of preschool, played on your first soccer team, made new friends, attended your first movie, independent playdates and filling your big role as big brother. Our cautious, sensitive child is not more confident and adventurous. You exercise good judgement with friends and voice your opinion or disapproval when appropriate. You are more into imaginative play with your airplane or firestation and enjoy building things with your legos.  You are moving away from your one nap which allows for more one on one time with mom as sister sleeps.  You do like your one on one time with mom but still seem to be a daddy's boy. Favorite activities with dad include getting smoothies, frozen yogurt with sprinkles, evening swims and hitting golf balls. Your quirks come from mom - washing your hands at the same sink each morning at preschool and waiting for a friend to finish even if the other three sinks are open. Expressions such as "this is a disaster!", "that is not for Grace, not for Grace", "she is so crazy", "this is unbelievable", "these are your options". And when returning from a recent trip, you unpacked immediately upon your return, putting both  yours and Grace's clothes away and said "look mom, I have all the things in order." And mom has never been prouder. You have given us so much dear Davis. You've provided joyous memorable moments and as you grow, so do we as parents. We know this next year you will continue to grow in your own way, with our continued influence as well as that of your friends, teachers, coaches and extended family. Happy 4th Birthday to our dear Davis!

Weight: 40 lb (84%)
Height: 43.25 in (94%)
Shoe size: 12.5
Clothing size: 4-5T

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