Monday, June 23, 2014

Grace: 15 months

Our sweet baby is growing more into an active curious toddler. You have dropped your morning nap which took lots of encouragement from mom. You have filled this time with activity in the gym  nursery, swimming, and playtime with "bubba". Your vocabulary has expanded and more from the help of the men in the household. Grace, how was your day? - "good" and from brother: Ready, set, "go!".  You are good at following commands: "put that back, bring it to mama, out of your mouth, give it to dada, not for Grace, lets get brother, put that in your crib". You are curious of "dada's" comings and goings and will speak his name at the laundry room door or while peeking out the front window. You also say "dada" when passing grown men at costco or at school. You are fascinated by the refrigerator still and the non slip mats in the bathroom. You're proud that you can now open up the few unlocked cabinets in the kitchen to simply leave the doors open.  However, you do enjoy assisting with emptying the dishwasher, the utensils specifically. Your favorite toys are still the mardi gras beads which is hysterical to me. You love your brother's toys which is the only source of frustration on his end in y'all's relationship. You recognize the tv now and start dancing when you hear brother's shows. Just yesterday, you yelled "goooo" when world cup highlights came on. You like to assist emptying the utensil basket for the dishwasher and clearing out the dryer of its contents. You love that pink blankie of yours and reading books. You are demonstrating more climbing interests than your brother ever did. I'll blame this on tante. You have a sensitive GI system but maintain your easy going attitude despite what stick situations we might be in at the moment. You've started using a spoon and fork and are often covered in yogurt. You have an easygoing, fun personality which reminds the entire family to relax a bit more. And even though you're teaching Davis a lot about sharing, playing gently and having fun, you're still a little sister and look up to him, following him, mimicking and attempting to play with all those treasured toys. Our sweet baby Grace is growing so fast.

Weight: 20.14 (45%)
Height: 32.25 in (90%)
Head circumference: 18.5 (90%)
Diaper size: 3
Clothing size: 18-24 mos
Shoe size: 4
Words: mama, dada, "bubba" (brother), "mo" (more), good, pool, "yuv-u" (love you), "mel" (milk), "buh" (book), go, abby, "yelmo" Elmo and the inevitable "no"
Signs: milk, book, all done, more, eat, time for sleep, thank you
Favorites: reading books, swimming, playing with Mardi Gras beads, opening up cabinets, playing with older brother, dancing to music

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