Monday, May 5, 2014

Baby Grace: 13 months

We now have a walker and a talker. You took your first steps just a few weeks after your first birthday and now keep us all entertained with that wide based gait and arms reaching out as if you’re holding onto the air for balance.  You have finally weaned off your Ranitidine and are tolerating more of our table food.  You have those top four teeth but only three on the bottom. You still love showing them off with that hysterical fake mimicking laugh.  You continue to put EVERYTHING in your mouth and if I’d let you have a pacifier during the day, you’d gladly take it to replace that hotwheels/tractor/ mr. potato head arm sticking out of your mouth. You are showing more personality and your brave side. You play independently with books, mardi gras beads, the doctors kit, trains and snuggle with all the stuffed animals you can find. Your shenanigans including eating the food off the floor right after you fussed to get down from the highchair (that obviously had lots of clean food on it), pulling trash out of the trashcan or recycling, climbing in the refridgerator and putting the lime bottle in your mouth, eating shoes, eating Kleenex, pulling the diaper bag down to maybe find a pacifier and flipping my bath mats over to feel the bumps of the non slip mat.  Destroying the train table, eating crayons, and pulling down every book off the coffee table also gets you in trouble.  You are still an amazing sleeper and are not quite ready to drop that morning nap despite my efforts.  You love your bath and prefer to sit up then lay back.  You know your “dada” and call him by name when he arrives home. You “give love” by cuddling and giving a pat on the back. You “give kisses” freely with an open mouth and high fives to anyone with a hand nearby.  You play peek a boo with anyone who’s willing. You really enjoy playing catch but in general like throwing things, even if they have only a slight resemblance to a ball.  I keep telling daddy to hide the real golf balls.  Grace we all love seeing how you grow everyday.

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