Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Visit from Grandmother

We had the privilege of having Grandmother from Mississippi visit for 5 days in March during Davis' spring break. There was a lot of anticipation so we resorted to making a to-do list of activities. In true Grandmother style, Jean arrived with an entire suitcase full of goodies for the children. Each day, Jean allowed Davis to pick a matchbox car and a book. It was hard for him to wait until after breakfast for this. They had Easter egg hunts in the yard each morning as well. Andrew and Davis took her on some bike rides to see more of our desert wildlife. She ventured with us to swim class and the train park and was able to meet lots of our friends and their children at a Sunday get together.  Grace enjoyed the extra attention and being read to. Grandmother just missed showing her walking. I'm sorry to say we sent her home a little exhausted. As always we made great memories.

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