Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Krewe De Grace

We celebrated Grace's first birthday on March 2nd with family and friend in true Mardi Gras Style. 'Krewe de Grace' was enjoyable for all and even though she did not taste the jambalaya, she took her cupcake down in style. Davis helped her by blowing out the candle, maybe before we finished singing to her. She loves to play with beads, eating them or trying to place them around her neck although she spent most the time in  Mimi's arms trying to get her hands on her fleur de lis brooch.  The kids enjoyed the beads and decorating mardi gras masks. Pops cooked up a delicious jambalaya. We had shrimp with comeback sauce, guacamole and veggie dip for apps and ate salad and bread with our main meal. The kids ate fleur de lis shaped PB & J with fruit although a few brave ones tried the jambalaya. We then finished off with king cake and mardi gras cupcakes. Sweet girl was great and went to bed exhausted. We were thankful to Mimi and Pops who helped us pull another birthday off and for God's good graces that the storm passed the day before.

She could not keep her hands of the brooch
Table (chairs, ground) was covered in glitter after the kids decorated mardi gras masks. 

I thought the loud singing might bother her but as soon as it stopped she was fine.

Note on the crown: I have NEVER put anything, headband or bow, on Grace's head so I though this would have lasted a few seconds, but she did not notice it all! Hysterical. 

Big brother had a special firetruck bead for the day. 

Uncle Benny & Auntie Lynz. Lynz was the first of our friends to meet sweet Grace in the hospital (and bring me a burrito).

Big Brother not only took the lead with the cupcake but also the gifts. 
And the next day, Grace was sick with a virus and spent most the day in our arms. At first we thought it was that cupcake!

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