Thursday, January 23, 2014

Preschool Mardi Gras

Tante and I had the pleasure of spending the entire morning with Davis and his preschool class, the Javelinas. I've been thinking of doing something small for Mardi Gras with them and having Allyson in town was perfect and less overwhelming for me. His teachers were really great and allowed us free reign with activities. The day before, the teachers asked the children to wear Mardi Gras colors. This was of course easier for the girls in their glittery purple. Most the boys had on green polos. Allyson began the day reading Gaston goes to Mardi Gras and allowed each child to point out Gaston in each picture. They could hardly contain themselves.

Not sure why mom and tante are here today

The kids went to music class while we set up snack and cut the king cake. Because we can not bring home baked goods, we purchased a king cake from a local bakery. It was very good and did have a baby inside. It was difficulty to explain that the plastic baby symbolized baby Jesus. Don't think the concept stuck. 

And after they played off the sugar, they returned to do a craft. Mrs. Rachel explained that we were making masks to wear in our Mardi Gras parade and that they were to use little drops of glue. They did such as great job and were very enthusiastic.  There was glitter everywhere and all over them. 

Most of the kids immediately put them on and some of the girls took to the dress up in preparation of the parade. Allyson and I gave out beads to each of them and handed them a ribbon wand. Davis led the parade with the umbrella. He took his job very seriously and did a fantastic job. I loved seeing him so into it. We visited 4 classrooms and passed out beads to all the children. They taught the other children to yell out "throw me something mister" in their sweet innocent voices. 

We sent each child home with a Mardi Gras throw cup with doubloons, their ribbon wands and more beads. It was great fun for them and for us. I was happy to spend the day with Davis and to have such as special time with my sister. Until next year, Laissez les bon temps roulez!

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