Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas at Home

We returned from New Orleans the night of the 23rd so we could spend our first Christmas with just our family of four in our own home and yes, so Santa could find us. We sat outside by the fire and shared a glass of wine with Ben and Lyndsay before dinner. Just the four of us had a nice dinner before Grace heading to bed. We read the birth story in Luke and I was so pleased that Davis referenced our Nativity. Davis set out cookies and milk for Santa and then listened to Andrew read . Davis awoke just at 7 and waited patiently for Grace to awake 15 min later. Davis opened gifts for himself and Grace while she ate the wrapping paper and our tree. This year Santa gave each child, something to wear, read, want and need. Davis' favorite was his firetruck and Grace's was her duckie pull toy that Davis gave her. He spent 30 min at Babies R Us deciding which one. It was cute to see his decision was the perfect one. We had a nice breakfast of fruit, breakfast casserole and homemade cinnamon rolls. Davis and I delivered some to the Sparks and Hayes families down the street in our pajamas before returning home to pack and leave the house by 12:30 for California. It was a memorable Christmas with just our family at home. It allowed us to take in the special moments more easily.

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