Saturday, February 8, 2014

Baby Grace: 11 months

You sprouted your top L lateral which kept you craving lots of crunchy things. You are a slow eater, attributed to your reflux, but are doing great keeping it all down.  Your favorite mischief in the highchair is to reach over and pull off your left sock and chew on it. You chug your water like you’ve been hiking the dessert and your brother comments “She’s so crazy”. You enjoy your two nursings and 2 bottles and don’t seem to be bothered by the change up. You are showing more personality and remain our easy-going happy baby. You are brave and not afraid to steal your brothers most prized possession his oso/ blankie or wreck his train table. You put EVERYTHING in your mouth. I often find you playing quietly in the playroom with a stop sign or a railroad crossing sign hanging out your mouth. You enjoy music but are content to dance to the hum of the dryer. You have little hair but I see it coming in a little darker now. Your smile is that of a shy girl and you show this off so well to your dad. Your largest dislike is having your face wiped or lying back in the tub. You prefer to stand in the tub now. Your efforts to ambulate are from a low squatting position despite our explaining that it would be much easier to use furniture for support. Your laugh is hysterical, your nature so easy, your eyes so blue, we can’t believe you’re almost one.

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