Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas with the Medleys

We ventured to New Orleans to celebrate Christmas with the Medleys and Tim's 70th birthday. It was ambitious but we pulled it off. We ventured there are little early to squeeze in some visits with Baton Rouge friends and to make the most of our time in NOLA. We arrived with 4 heavy suitcases, 2 car seats and 5 carry ons and one stroller. Not proud of it but we did it. It was Grace's first time to Louisiana and she did great. Despite sleeping in a closet, she didn't wake one time and took 2 beautiful naps...my girl.

Tuesday: NOLA arrival, meet Uncle William at the condo
Wednesday: Baton Rouge visit for the girls, NOLA day for the boys,  meet the boys at Mandina's for dinner
Thursday: Cafe du Monde, visit to the River, North Shore visits with Savoies and Jenkins; returned to the condo to meet Gran and Grandmother
Friday: Grand and Grandmother took Davis to the Audubon zoo for the day, rode the streetcar back home
Saturday: Davis to Farmer's market to get shrimp and listen to music with Gran and Grandmother, Auntie Kate arrives, Andrew & I stroll the Quarter looking at art, birthday toast at the condo before dinner at Galatoires.
Sunday: Pableaux Johnson took family pics, Poboys during the Saint's game, Christmas in the Oaks canceled due to weather; family dinner
Monday: return home :-(

Aunt Lynn & Uncle Ralph 
Isabel (5), Caroline (2), Grace and Davis. Sister was due anyday.
They loved on Grace so good and it made me want a sister for her.

Laurel, my college roommate, married Philips, Andrews college roommate. 
Davis oversaw Grandmother and Gran's gift exchange. 
And we toasted Tim with this beautiful bottle.
And for his birthday, a special bench will be placed in Margaret Place with a plaque that reads the above. I can already see him sitting on the bench, drinking coffee and reading the New York Times. 

 Margaret Place is a small park only a couple blocks from Lee Circle, named for Margaret Haughery (featuring a statue of her).  She was a renowned woman in New Orleans in the 1800s, largely known for her advocacy for children and orphans .

And Auntie Kate lead the bench effort.
Davis enjoyed reading the menu with Grandmother but was upset they did not have any pasta. none. He opted for some  etoufee, rice, some redfish and a lot of french bread
Sweet time with godfather
and Auntie Kate too.

and for the man of the hour... 
"now,how bout that!"
and after the restaurant sang 'Happy Birthday' to Gran and cheered loudly, Grace let out her first cry of the day...and we shared it with social media.  

Ash tray gifts from Gran were a hit. Mine is a Louisiana state with a large tiger - yes sir!
twins indeed!

love this exchange. 

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