Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Baby Grace: 10 months

You took your 10th flight and survived our Christmas travels. You met lots of new family members and friends and took to it all with ease. You visited dad’s family in New Orleans and visited with some of moms family too. You did not get to partake in any food but did behave during our Galatoires dinner. Like your brother, you enjoyed watching the streetcar out the window the best. Santa was good to you and you enjoyed eating the new toys, tags, wrapping paper and our Christmas tree too! You are progressing with your mobility, crawling faster and cruising too. You took a little break from your daily exercise and finger foods with your first cold in California. Mimi, Pops and tante took good care of you suctioning your nose and giving you lots of cuddles while dad and I were out of town. Seeing you sick was hard for us but you bounced back and returned home healthy and back on track. You are babbling and showing more and more personality, excitement, disapproval and also started shaking your head at random times. You continue to be entertained by Davis and have started venturing in the playroom where you taste all his toys and often destroy his train track. You are exploring new foods and stay true to your 4 bottles a day. You are a star sleeper indeed and take your two naps, with your afternoon nap being the longest. You enjoy being loved on and giggle when I kiss your belly, toes and cheeks. You make it so easy to love on you.

Diaper Size: 3
Shoe Size: 3
Clothing size: 9-12 mod
Milestones: crawling and cruising, attempting to stand from half kneel, sleeping 6:30-7, taking formula twice daily, 

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