Monday, July 22, 2013

Quijanos in California

My Aunt Bernell and Uncle Randy along with 2 of their children, my cousins San and Kris, and their children, made a brave cross country trip from LA to CA. It has been so long since I've seen them and to finally meet their kids was great. They were so sweet to Davis, including him in games and their daily activities. He had such a hard time taking naps and going to bed before "my cousins". We were able to join them on a few ventures to the SLO Mission and the Avila Barn.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Celebrating Dr. Carlucci

We had the pleasure of celebrating my godmother, Pandora's, earning her PhD. We had a lovely dinner at my parents with grandparents and Aunt March to celebrate too. We had a such a nice visit with my Aunt Pandora and Uncle Gino who reside in MA. They were so sweet to the children and flexible with their schedule. We were so lucky to have overlapping visits and hope for the same in the future.

Great Grandma Pat and Great Grandpa Bernie

Aunt March and Aunt Pandora

Manny Ramirez double point for those Red Sox fans

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Montana for the 4th

We were lucky again to escape the heat and stay at Uncle Bubba (Doug) and Marilyn's Whitefish home. Andrew played in the Whitefish tournament again this year to defend his title. It was such an easy trip out and first class accommodations as always. We enjoyed the Farmer's Market, visiting the park, Big Mountain with chair lift ride and alpine slide, boating on Whitefish Lake, Glacier National Park and the infamous rafting trip. We had evenings watching the deer and Davis dancing on the deck. Fireworks started at 11PM in Montana when the sun finally set and were enjoyed in the backyard. The kids took amazing naps in that Montana air. Uncle Bubba joined us for the later pater of our trip, taking us on a tour of Glacier National Park. We were able to see Lake MacDonald and do a walk to see Anchorage Gorge. Uncle Bubba gets big points for his efforts to get Davis on a raft. It started with yellow jacket stings for both Doug and Andrew and finished with my picking them up off Hwy 2 while it was hailing. But it was an adventure for the little man that he won't forget. Next visit, we'll get that rafting trip checked off our list. Thank you Marilyn and Doug for sharing your home with us and allowing us to have such an enjoyable family vacation. 

Boys on their way down the alpine slide.
Boys on chair lift

Boating with our Phoenix friend, Jim Marsh.

Friends from Alberta allowed Davis to drive.

sweet Grace at the park

Anchorage Gorge