Monday, December 9, 2013

Scottsdale Family Christmas

This Sunday we celebrated annual Christmas with out Scottsdale family, the Hayes, McLachlins and Barnes. Suzanne and Ricky opened their home as the number of children has now doubled since last year. We picked names this year for both adults ad kids and exchanged gifts. The kids played and played and the babies were such troopers. I love seeing the children grow up together and looking at the pics of the on the tractor below, they'll be getting in a lot of trouble together. 

Brady (2.5), Makena and Davis (3.5)
Brady, Natalie (7 mos), Davis, Grace, Makena, and Kai (3 mos)

Thanking Auntie lynz and Uncle benny for the plane slippers 
Our childless friends are getting a little pressure from us all.
She enjoyed the wrapping and ribbons. 

El Chupacabra from Natalie and plane sippers from the Hayes.

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