Friday, November 8, 2013

Baby Grace: 8 Months

You continue to rock on all fours and can maneuver to wherever you wish. You accomplish this by rolling, pushing and pulling on your belly. You can army crawl on forearms better than I. You continue to sit up but have not done so in your crib. You can pull to stand with assistance. You are eating well but take your time due to your reflux. You love sweet potatoes and pears the most. You are reaching for most of our food so I’m getting anxious to try finger foods next month. You have your 2 bottom teeth now and your smile shows them off so well. You are babbling more and more saying mama and dada. You know who “brother” is and start kicking your legs when you hear him playing in the other room.  You love his constant activity but also enjoy reading books on the floor with mama or sitting on the couch watching football with dad. You are waving with full arm and mimicking. You remain flexible in your schedule and enjoy the daily activities with Davis.  Already, you two have a special relationship and for that we are so very grateful.

Diaper size: 3
Shoe size: 2
Clothing size: 9-12 mos
Milestones: 2 bottom teeth, waving, sitting up independently, assisted pull to stand, belly crawling, banging objects together, sleeping 6:30-6:30 

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  1. Who knew Andrew would be so gorgeous as a girl?!?! I am in love!