Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Baby Grace: 7 months

You are becoming more mobile everyday, scooting forward, backward, spinning on your belly, pulling up to stand with assistance and pushing up on all fours. I guess my desire to have you crawl after the holidays is not going to happen. You continue to exhibit such a laissez faire attitude as we haul you from place to place. You are truly taking after your father here. You are now eating solid foods and are enjoying pears, squash and potatoes, all of which are home cooked.  You’re not as big a fan of peas or apples. Just like your brother, you blow raspberries to let us know you are done. You’re holding your sippy cup of water independently now and drink it like you’ve been hiking through the desert. We tried to wean you from your Zantac but your system wasn’t ready for that, so you’re back on your twice daily dose. You continue to nurse 4x daily and don’t mind a bottle. You continue to sleep like a champ, putting yourself to sleep for two naps and at night. You do take that occasional nap in the car or at the gym and wake up just as happy as ever. You and your brother communicate in your own way, smiling, playing with the exersaucer, sharing toys and blowing raspberries at lunch together. He loves getting you to do funning things and falls on the ground laughing. He has even enjoyed taking you for rides in the walker wagon around the house. You say mama, dada, and baba and perform a high pitched tone when you’re excited that I cant duplicate. You enjoyed visiting your first pumpkin patch and dressing up for Halloween as an owl. You love to snuggle head to head but do get shy and turn your head when others are around but often turn back with a smile. You’ve accomplished so much in such a short amount of time and yet there is so much that is about to happen. You keep us on our toes and our home so happy – a constant reminder of God’s good graces. 

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