Thursday, October 24, 2013

Conversations with a 3 year old ...Continued

While visiting Mimi and Pops this summer, Davis and Pops were conversing while Pops was working in the office.
Davis: What you doing Pops?
Pops: I'm working. You know that Pops is a professor, a teacher. 
Davis: You not a teacher, you a Pops!

Davis: I'm not the boss, cuz I'm not an adult.
That's right. Mama's the boss. You're the boss of your animals and your trucks.
Davis: No mama. You see my hair? (showing me his forearms hair) I'm an adult too.

Davis entering our room at 6:30AM and sitting on the floor telling me that its time to wake up.
Davis, what show would you like to watch. (me stalling)
Davis: Mama, you wake up and we'll discuss it in the living room. Ok?

During a recent illness:
I'm sorry Davis, but the Dr. said we can't have milk yet. In the morning, if you feel better, we can have some. 
Davis: Ok. when I wake up we can have milk...........and candy corn. 

Also during that illness, I thought Dumbo would be a nice movie to show him while he relaxed after getting sick. I did not remember how sad that movie actually was. Davis cried when Dumbo was separated from his mother so we stopped the movie after I did fast forward to the end when they were reunited. He insisted we watch it the next morning and after I told him that it made him sad and I didn't think it was a good idea, he still insisted. So I turned it back on and same thing. He was so upset, mumbling about Dumbo not having his mama and how they're "so sad". I almost started crying. My sensitive, sensitive first born. You get it from me and I'm sorry for that. Love you.

On the monitor during nap.
Davis: My penis, my penis!!!
Whats wrong with your penis?
Davis: It got out mama! (through the pocket in his underwear. This was expressed with great concern and desperation.)

Sitting down for dinner and recalling watching Les Mis on TV with dad. 
Davis: Mama, member the other night daddy does turn the music show on?  And I watch it with him together. And that was really nice. .........And maybe they have the priest on it again. 

In a discussion after school on why its ok to touch pretend spiders and get dirty he tried to negotiate. (I have rubbed off on him a little in this department and am back tracking to improve this.)
Davis: Ok Mama, I touch the spiders today and then you bring me Gatorade. Ok?

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